So What Have I Actually Done ?

I have always been interested in Linux and Open Source software and in previous iterations of my website I have generally written accompanying posts to help describe the process or function of the tools I have used along with many, many guides on how to install, configure or use them. Unfortunately most of the posts are now long gone due to my previous poor backup practices however some of the repositories containing the code or files still remain. Below are some of my previous and more recent projects with a little description about each one and a link to the individual projects page providing a more detailed description as well as any links to the code or files if they are available, I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I did when using or creating them.

Home Lab

I use my Home Lab for hosting various different services at home, as I am studying to become a System Admin it allows me to practice the things I have learned in the safety of my own environment. At the moment it is cobbled together from various pieces of old hardware I have laying around but for me it is perfect for the practical experience it brings with it.

Interactive Campaign Map

I created the Interactive Campaign Map to let campaign arbitrators and GM's create an interactive map for use in their tabletop or roleplaying games. It is made with Leaflet.js which is an open-source JavaScript library made for mobile-friendly interactive maps.

Self Hosted Wiki

BookStack is an easy to use, self hosted platform for organising and storing information. It was created by Dan Brown and is fully free and open source with an MIT license and has a very simple and easy to use interface. I am using BookStack at home to host information and guides for various topics along with course related material to help with my studying.

Simple Side Scroller

Simple Side Scroller is a 2D side scroller I am currently developing in Unreal Engine 4. I plan to release it on Android and have a web based version for the initial release of the game with support for other platforms possibly coming later. The initial release of the game will include 30 levels spread across 3 different game modes.

Arch Linux ARM Packages

The PKGBUILD's inside this repository were created to fix some of the earlier issues with running Arch Linux ARM and other software on the Odroid U3. The Odroid U3 is an SBC similar to the Raspberry Pi but with a little more power and different hardware.