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Pelican Custom CSS

Pelican Custom CSS makes it easy to embed custom CSS into individual Pelican articles and pages. This project is a fork of Pelican CSS which was created by Jorge Maldonado Ventura that has been converted to use the Pelican namespace plugin structure and published to PyPi. Pelican is a python-based static site generator, I use it to create this website.

Pelican is a static site generator, written in Python.

  • Compose content in Markdown or reStructuredText using your editor of choice
  • Simple command-line tool (re)generates HTML, CSS, and JS from your source content
  • Easy to interface with version control systems and web hooks
  • Completely static output is simple to host anywhere

     – Pelican Github

I use this plugin on this website to help style some articles and pages differently when required so I forked the original repository to update the plugin to use the namespace structure that Pelican introduced for its plugins. This allows me to install the plugin with pip and to use the auto-discovery of plugins feature that comes with the namespace structure.

Project Links

For more information about the Pelican Custom CSS project check out these links.

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